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12 November 2010 @ 06:35 pm
Jui/Shun (Vidoll) - All About You  
Title: All About You
Pairing: Jui/Shun (Vidoll)
Rating: PG-15? Okay, I’m lying! It’s smut, NC-17 *winks*
Genre: Romance
Summary: Shun’s fetish wasn’t a secret to anyone. And Jui took an advantage of it (It sucks, I know)
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these hot boys except for the plot and perverted ideas.
A/N: I have never written anything on JRock before because my writing all revolves around JPop artists. This is my first time writing JRock fiction and it’s specially written for Get Well Soon, Jui-san, where my friend, Kat-ai is the creator and I’m one of the co-admins. I’m feeling nervous somehow. I’m a newbie to this entire JRock world so it might be a little bit out of character. So forgive me for any misleading that occur in this fiction. And to all Jui’s fans who keep supporting the page, as promised this is the requested fiction and I hope you enjoy reading this ^_^
Shun's Fetish