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[fic] AoixReita - the GazettE - Super Idol R - Chapter 23/25

Title: Super Idol R

Chapter: 23/24 + Epilogue

Author: ahmtal 

Formal co-writer: eiga_risti 

Beta: nanabiz 

Rating: PG-13

Genre: romance, angst, drama

Band: the GazettE, Alice Nine, Vidoll, Kagrra, Nightmare, L'Arc~en~Ciel, TMR.

Pairings: AoixReita, ToraxAoi, UruhaxNi~ya.

Disclaimer: If they were ours, they will serve us for eternity... We are the queens! Thank you to LG Scarlet TV commercial. I can’t lie; this one is really taken from it… - Eiga said this, not me :P

Warnings: OOC, bullying, explicit language, explicit content, INNUENDO, bad-bad English…

Summary: Who is this Reita who will change the face of the entertainment industry?!

Notes: Came up to Eiga when she watched TV whilst waiting for the bus ride home. Discuss it with kat_graft , me and daitalover , in the end succeeding in making the latter vomit…

Comments: Big thanks to angels_rock for the lovely banner ^^

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