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First Post ^_^

Title: Baby Alice and Baby Nine
Chapters: 0.1/?
Rating: PG-15 – NC-17
Warnings: Language and mentions of sexual things in later chapters, Yaoi side pairings because I cant resist ^_^
Bands: Alice Nine (main), the Gazette (side), ViViD (side), Miyavi (side)
Pairings: ToraxHanabi(OC), ShouxRuki, AoixUruha, IvxKo-ki ReitaxSaga, RenoxRyougaxHiroto, KaixNao
Summary: Hanabi is the new keyboardist and back up singer in Alice Nine. She is the most popular make up and hair stylist at PSC as well. She is a very busy person so how is it she got her self into this kind of situation? And what will Tora do?
Disclaimer: If I owned them then they would be touring in America right now…which they aren’t, so therefore I only own Hanabi and some other characters later!
PS: I hope this will qualify for the challenge and something different is that everyone puts Shou with Ruki! I have not seen a ViViDxAlice nine yet! I used “can of coke” in a This is also my very first post as well as my first post to a community so I hope I did the post in the correct format. Thank you again ^_^ one more thing! sorry for any spelling or change of narration! 

I tripped and fumbled from my sheets clumsily almost falling on my face twice as I ran from my room.
10 seconds…
Fumbling to the door almost as if I had forgotten where I lived I barely knew where the bathroom was down the hall.
7 seconds…
Gasping and coughing I ripped the door open hearing it slam against the wall with a bang I knew I would wake up anyone who was home…
3 seconds…2…1…
I dove to the ground by the toilet and ripped open the lid just in time for my whole stomach turn inside out and spill into the clean white bowl before me. There was a burning sensation in my nose as the vomit gushed through my nose, like trying to chug a can of coke then someone makes you laugh and the carbonation tingles, only this was worse…much, much worse. I burped and spat until nothing was there but the putrid smell of it made me wretch over and over again.
I wasn’t a loud puker making throaty sounds like some people but what I did do…was cry.
Cry like a wimp because I hated throwing up like nothing else in the world. I cried because I hated to throw up, but I also cried because no one was there and that was a good thing as well as a bad thing. It was bad because I always needed to be comforted when in a state such as this…it was good because the people here would be the last people I needed to tell about this. However that wasn’t happening….


A male voice called form behind me and I froze. I looked up and saw one of my five roommates, and band mate, standing at the door. His big and innocent brown eyes staring at me with worry as my heart jumped around in my chest. The feeling made my stomach flip around, and I found my self jerking forwards over the toilet to spill more acid into the once clean toilet bowl. Immediately the young looking man was at my side a comforting hand on my back the other holding my walnut black hair form my face. “C’mon just breathe slowly…in through your nose…” he demonstrated with his own breathing and I obeyed him lifting my face away from the toilet to avoid more of the disgusting smell. “…And out through your mouth…” He breathed out with me the lingering smell of mint on his breath, helped calm my stomach and I repeated his instructions and he continued with me all the same until I leaned back on my knees wiping my eyes from the tears. “Good girl…” he smiled that innocent cute smile and I sighed. “Thank you Nao…” I whispered still shaky from the event. Nao nodded and reached up to flush the mess down the toilet. “Brush your teeth…and then let’s take you to your room…” Nao suggested quietly and I nodded.

Using a spare brush from the supply closet to avoid bacteria. Once the last taste of acid saliva was gone I threw out the toothbrush and walked back to my bedroom where Nao was waiting with a glass of water and two pills probably for any other symptoms of sickness but that wasn’t going to be necessary.

“Don’t worry Nao I don’t need any medications it’s just something I ate last night probably” I smiled but Nao was not smiling.
“Sit down Hanabi” I frowned at his seriousness, something Nao never was unless they were rehearsing or recording music for their band. “If that is true then why have you been doing this almost every morning for the past week?”  
I froze staring into those dark brown eyes again, worry and sadness swimming in the irises. Worried for my health, and sadness, because just tried to lie to him. “I…” my heart was hiccupping with anxiety and before I knew it, I was hiccupping with sobs into Nao’s shirt crying to the heavens and back. “Shhh…It’s okay…don’t cry I’m not angry just tell me the truth Hanabi-chan” Nao cooed and shushed me rubbing my back like an older brother, comforting his baby sister. “Arig-gato-ooo” I sobbed again and wiped my cheeks a second time that morning. “So, will you tell me what is going on?” Nao asked again and I bit my lip still hesitant to say anything. “Hana...” he said in a warning tone telling me that he was serious again and I flinched.
Putting my hands to my lower stomach the whispered words echoing loudly in the room…
“I’m pregnant”


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