November 19th, 2011

First Post ^_^

Title: Baby Alice and Baby Nine
Chapters: 0.1/?
Rating: PG-15 – NC-17
Warnings: Language and mentions of sexual things in later chapters, Yaoi side pairings because I cant resist ^_^
Bands: Alice Nine (main), the Gazette (side), ViViD (side), Miyavi (side)
Pairings: ToraxHanabi(OC), ShouxRuki, AoixUruha, IvxKo-ki ReitaxSaga, RenoxRyougaxHiroto, KaixNao
Summary: Hanabi is the new keyboardist and back up singer in Alice Nine. She is the most popular make up and hair stylist at PSC as well. She is a very busy person so how is it she got her self into this kind of situation? And what will Tora do?
Disclaimer: If I owned them then they would be touring in America right now…which they aren’t, so therefore I only own Hanabi and some other characters later!
PS: I hope this will qualify for the challenge and something different is that everyone puts Shou with Ruki! I have not seen a ViViDxAlice nine yet! I used “can of coke” in a This is also my very first post as well as my first post to a community so I hope I did the post in the correct format. Thank you again ^_^ one more thing! sorry for any spelling or change of narration! 

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