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uniquejrock's Journal

Another Side of J Rock- A fanfiction community.
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A community dedicated to J Rock Fiction thats just a little bit different!
Another Side of J Rock is a community dedicated to J Rock and J Pop fanfiction that is unique, original and most of all different.

Anyone is welcome to join and moderation is done fairly and only when needed. Though if you're posting fiction with anything over PG it's probably advised you're actually old enough to read it yourself... or claim to be on your profile.


1/ Your story must be in some way different (read below for examples)
2/ Your story must be posted behind an LJ-Cut.
3/ Please post the following information above the cut:

Warnings: If needed
Pairings: If there is any.
Summary: *including what makes your fic different if not obvious from the above information)

4/ Try and comment other peoples work. It means a lot to a writer to know there stories are being read. Especially when there stories contain pairings that arn't that popular. Like Tesco says: "Every little helps"... or should that be "Every Reader Helps?"
5/ No abusive posts
6/ Please don't post anything too controversal like incest or pepophillia.

So what is unusual?

A story can be defined as unusual if it contains:

an unusual pairing: Crack pairings are perfect XD But even pairings among band mates can be considered "different" if there's not a lot of stories about them. For instance HYDE X Yukihiro or Yoshiki X Pata.

an unusual fetish: in fact most fetishes go in this category. Bondage and S&M require a bit more creativity but will be accepted.

an unusal concept: maybe one of your j rockers is an angel or a werewolf? perhaps a vampire (excluding Malice Mizer fics as they have there fair share of vampire fics). Maybe you're story is an AU set in some self created world. Most AU's count to be honest with the exception of ones based in schools or where the J Rockers just have different jobs.

Feel free to e-mail me should you have any questions. (crystal_aerith@Yahoo.co.uk)

Use your imagination and have fun!

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Write a fic that contains the phrase "can of coke". That's it. But rememeber your fic has to be DIFFERENT! (That's the hard part)

Varients on the theme include:

can of pepsi
glass of coke
glass of pepsi

and yes adding "diet" or whaetever counts. however "can of fanta" doesn't.